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Outside of his notable racing career, Yanis Derums is an experienced entrepreneur with a significant presence in Australia’s business community. After graduating from Charles Stuart University and becoming involved in the entrepreneurial world, he went on to found Mango Credit in 2001. He has since expanded the reach of Mango Credit to an international scale, establishing a number of subsidiaries such as Mango Mortgages and Mango Media.

Derums started Mango Credit as a private back up funder of deals for a loan origination firm, with the goal of specialising in short-term bridging loans for business use only. As demand for short-term business loans grew rapidly over the next few years, Derums seized on this market opportunity and eventually took over the origination process.

When Mango Credit first started, they were only offering business loans with an average term period of 3 to 6 months. Today, the business has expanded into the consumer market, offering short-term bridging loans to average Australians. The average amount for these loans is about $70,000, with a term of between 9 and 12 months.

In the future, Derums plans to educate consumers about the benefits of these types of loans, particularly when it comes to taking advantage of financial opportunities when consumers don’t have the necessary capital to invest right away.


Mango Credit Racing


Of course, Yanis Derums is still incredibly passionate about racing, and Mango Credit Racing represents his goal of achieving all that he can within this exciting motorsport. Mango Credit is a major sponsor within Australia’s motorsport world, and Mango Racing is definitely a force to be reckoned with in this high-octane atmosphere.

Mango Credit became the sponsor for Mango Credit Racing not only so that Derums could follow his dreams, but also to pursue legitimate business opportunities. As a result of creating this team and using Mango Credit as a sponsor, Yanis was able to target business operators within motor racing circles and offer unique lending opportunities. As a veteran of Australia’s motorsport world, Derums is quite well-connected within the community of drivers, racing team managers, and various other individuals. Because of these connections, Derums was aware of the high concentration of business operators within Australia’s motor racing circles.

While targeting viewers and fans might seem like the obvious choice when it comes to a sponsorship deal, the same logic doesn’t really apply when it comes to Mango Credit. Sure – a company that sells soft drinks or laundry detergent would understandably target the “average Joe” with a sponsorship deal, but Mango Credit has a different target market: investors, entrepreneurs, and those who need to take advantage of business opportunities quickly.

That’s not to say that Mango Credit didn’t get tremendous exposure as a result of sponsoring Mango Credit Racing. The company received extensive TV coverage since first sponsoring the racing team in 2012, and this continued through 2016. The racing team also performed extremely well with drivers like Dave Sieders, who drove the Mango Credit Holden V8 to victory at the 2016 V8 UTE Championship. Throughout the years, Mango Credit Racing has reached a competitive level of performance with some major high points, including many pole positions and race wins.